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Action on behalf of older persons to secure needed services and benefits.


Gathering information about a client to determine need and/or eligibility for services. Information may include re-evaluation of client, health status, financial status, activities of daily living status, etc.

Caregiver Support Program

Support services for family caregivers and for grandparents or older individuals who are relative caregivers. Services include: Needs Assessment, In-Home Respite, Personal Care, Sitter Service, Information and Assistance, Outreach, Individual Counseling, and Material Aid.

Helping Hands

An emergency assistance program for the elderly and handicapped with funding provided by Entergy and administered by Ouachita Council on Aging.


Ouachita Council on Aging sponsors five Elderly Housing Communities:

  1. Ouachita Grand Plaza
  2. Chauvin Pointe
  3. Passman Plaza
  4. South Pointe
  5. Claiborne Creek

All are managed by Monroe Housing Authority. For information, call OCA at (318) 387-0535, or MHA at (318) 388-1500.

Housekeeping Service

Includes light housekeeping such as mopping, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, changing and washing linens, etc., by a trained and supervised housekeeper.

Information & Assistance

A service which seeks to match a wide variety of individual needs with appropriate community resources through individual advice, counseling, referral, and follow-up.

Legal Assistance

Legal advice, education, counseling, and representation provided by an attorney or other person under the supervision of an attorney. Includes education, counseling or representation by a non-lawyer where permitted by law.

Material Aid

Aid in the form of goods or food such as the direct distribution of commodities, surplus food, clothing, fans, heaters, blankets, and payments made on behalf of client, i.e., EFS vouchers.

Medicaid Enrollment Center

As an Enrollment Center, we offer assistance to potential Medicaid -eligible persons in completing initial application for Health Care coverage and, in some instances, we assist Medicaid beneficiaries with the recertification process. Includes assistance with QMB and SLMB. Call for appointment.

Medical Loan Closet

All types of medical equipment loaned, when available, to anyone in the community having a need. Includes, but not limited to, hospital beds, wheelchairs, portable commodes, canes, walkers, crutches, etc.

Nutrition Counseling

Provision of individualized advice and guidance to those who are at nutritional risk due to health or nutritional history, dietary intake, medications use, or chronic illness. Performed by a Dietitian in accordance with state law and policy, this service offers options and methods for improving an individual’s nutritional status.

Nutrition Education

A program to promote better health by providing accurate and culturally sensitive nutrition, physical fitness, or health (as it relates to nutrition) information and instruction to participants, or participants and their caregivers, in a group or individual setting and overseen by a Dietitian.

Nutrition Service – Congregate Meals

Nutritionally balanced meals for persons 60 and over and their spouses, provided in a group setting served at the senior center or satellite sites. These hot, noon, meals are served 5 days a week (M-F), 250 days per year, and meet the 1/3 RDA requirements.

Nutrition Service – Home Delivered Meals (Meals on Wheels)

Home delivered, nutritionally balanced, meals served to homebound persons, age 60 and over, who live alone, or are alone at the noon hours, and are unable to leave their residence without assistance or to prepare proper, nutritious meals for themselves. These meals are provided 5 days per week, 250 days per year, and meet the 1/3 RDA requirements. Diabetic meals are also available.

Medications Management Clinic

While medications are probably the single most important factor in improving the quality of life for older Americans, the nation’s seniors remain especially susceptible to medication-related problems due to physiological changes, higher incidences of multiple chronic diseases and conditions, and greater consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medications. The Ouachita Council on Aging has partnered with the University of Louisiana at Monroe, School of Pharmacy, to develop a Medications Management Clinic to assist older persons in monitoring and controlling these health problems.


Initial seek and search; activities to identify isolated and hard-to-reach individuals in order to assist them in gaining access to needed services. A “Needs Assessment” follows each contact.

Personal Emergency Response System

Emergency telephone units are leased to senior citizens monthly, assuring clients of immediate assistance should the need arise. These units are provided through Acadian on Call.


Enabling older persons to use and more fully enjoy leisure time, including individual and group social activities and pursuits, such as arts, crafts, computer classes, line dancing, hobbies, travel, games, and sports.


Prearranged schedule of phoning in order to provide comfort and determine physical status of those seniors who consider themselves isolated, lonely, or without social interaction.


Transporting older persons to and from the Senior Center and satellite sites. Also provided is Non-Emergency Medical transportation to Doctors’ appointments, Cancer, Heart, or Dialysis Centers, and other such locations.


Activities designed to provide services which will support and/or improve an individual’s mental or physical well-being, e.g., exercise, physical fitness training, dance class, health screenings.

Note:  All activities and services of the Ouachita Council on Aging are open to senior citizens 60 years of age and older, in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin.